Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)


CBAM Support by PHDCCI: Navigating Climate Compliance


In response to the EU’s heightened climate ambitions and concerns over carbon leakage, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) has been introduced. PHDCCI provides crucial support in understanding and implementing CBAM, ensuring compliance with evolving international trade and environmental standards.


CBAM is designed to address carbon leakage by putting a fair price on carbon-intensive goods entering the EU, promoting cleaner production globally. PHDCCI offers expert assistance during the transitional phase, aiding stakeholders in reporting greenhouse gas emissions for selected goods. Our services facilitate a smooth and proportionate transition, aligning with the phased implementation of CBAM.


PHDCCI remains committed to supporting importers in declaring goods, assessing embedded greenhouse gas emissions. Our expert team ensures compliance with the evolving regulatory landscape, contributing to a sustainable and resilient global trade environment.


Stay ahead of climate regulations with PHDCCI’s CBAM support, fostering a future where businesses thrive in harmony with environmental objectives.