Upcoming ESG Certification Programme

Upcoming ESG Certification Programme
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Electrical and Fire Safety Risk Assessments and Management


PHDCCI proudly offers expert services in Electrical and Fire Safety Risk Assessments and Management, ensuring the highest standards of safety for your organization. Our seasoned professionals specialize in identifying potential hazards, assessing risks, and implementing robust safety management systems.


Why is it necessary?


  • To Identify potential fire / explosion hazards / electrical risks in the premises.
  • To Reviewing the existing electrical and fire protection systems.
  • To check statutory compliance of electrical and fire system in line with applicable national and international standards
  • To Identify deviations with respect to electrical and fire safety procedures
  • To review electrical and fire emergency preparedness plan
  • To provide rating of electrical and fire system against potential risk/hazards.


Benefits :


  • Identification of the potential electrical hazards in the plant/factory/organization
  • Avoid fire due to loose electrical connections and short circuit
  • Prevent and minimize loss of life & property
  • Compliance with the applicable safety regulatory requirements
  • Recommend suggestions for improvement in electrical installation
  • Ensure longevity of expensive electronic equipment.


With a commitment to safeguarding lives and assets, our services encompass comprehensive evaluations of electrical systems and fire safety protocols. By partnering with PHDCCI, you gain access to cutting-edge solutions that not only comply with regulatory standards but also proactively mitigate risks, enhancing overall safety resilience.


Choose PHDCCI for Electrical and Fire Safety services that prioritize prevention and preparedness. Let us be your trusted partner in building a secure and resilient environment for your business. Together, we can ensure a safer today and a more secure tomorrow.