Upcoming ESG Certification Programme

Upcoming ESG Certification Programme
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ESG Rating


An ESG rating measures a company’s exposure to long-term environmental, social, and governance risks. These risks — involving issues such as energy efficiency, worker safety, and board independence — have financial implications. But they are often not highlighted during traditional financial reviews


PHDCCI takes a proactive approach to fostering sustainable business practices through its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) rating system. Our ESG rating meticulously evaluates a



Company’s performance in navigating long-term environmental challenges, promoting social responsibility, and upholding robust governance practices. By emphasizing crucial factors such as

energy efficiency, worker safety, and board independence, our ESG rating not only identifies areas for improvement but also underscores the financial implications of responsible business conduct.


 Choose PHDCCI’s ESG rating to showcase your commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship. Elevate your business with a rating that goes beyond traditional financial metrics, demonstrating your dedication to a prosperous and conscientious future.